I have decided to take on a new habit using a technique I found on the ‘get discplined’ subreddit. The technique works as follows:

  • Take a piece of paper or card
  • Draw 6 vertical lines intersecting 6 horizontal lines. This creates a 7x7 grid of 49 squares
  • Choose a daily habit you want to work on and write it down on the back of the card
  • Also put down WHY you want to work on the habit
  • Start working on the habit TODAY!
  • Every day, put a big fat red X into the corresponding square

You can find the post here.

As one of my new habits I chose: “Code for 15 minutes every day”. Since I want to continuously work on my programming skills, making coding a daily habit seems like the perfect idea. I have always wanted to participate in the ‘100 days of code challenge’ that was talked about in one of the “Talk Python To Me” podcast episodes a while back. Therefore, I will start today. However, different to the original challenge, I will also count coding related tasks to the coding challenge. For example, reading a post about decorators would also count.

I will put all code into this GitHub repo and I will keep track of what I worked on in this blog.

Let’s go!