My magical universe: “The Tales of Castle Kilmere”

The main character of our magical universe is named Lissy Spinster. Lissy is a quiet, clumsy girl of age twelve. Although she is sticking her nose into books most of the time, she is always watching her surroundings very closely. Lissy and her older brother Gary don’t get along very well. Gary considers his sister a little weird and is spending most of his time outside, playing broom socker with his friends. Lissy’s best friend Luke Bery is living next door with four older sisters and very loving parents. Although Luke’s personality is completely different to Lissys, she spends most of her free time at Luke’s house, reading books in their flying treehouse. Luke is usually full of energy and full of mischief, constantly trying to convince Lissy to play tricks on other people.

One day, Lissy’s parents decide to send her to Castle Kilmere, a well-known magical boarding school with the hope that she will become more open-minded being surrounded by many other children.Only after Luke’s parents allow him to go, too, Lissy agrees.

Castle Kilmere is a really old school which has been around for centuries. No one really know how old the school is but it’s well-known all around the world. The headmistress of Castle Kilmere is called Miranda Mirren. Although Ms. Mirren is a very strict and stiff witch she cares grately about extra-curricular activies her favorite being the “Club of silly walkers” which she has presided over since she joined the school.

Castle Kilmere is divided into different faculties, each focused on a certain subject. Naturally, all students have to take certain mandatory courses like critical thinking, basics of spell casting or history. However, they are free to choose courses from other faculties. Each faculty issupervised by a professor:

  • Birdie Briddle, a chubby, lovable old lady, is the head of the faculty of law (also the magical world needs rules)
  • Blade Bardock, the head of the science department is a grumpy and nasty guy. He is teaching potion making, preferrably those lessons that deal with death potions.
  • Rupert Radford leads the faculty for creativity and arts and loves to teach his students about the art of illusions.
  • Gabriel Giddings, is the head of engineering and, being a former professional player of magical soccer, teaches classes about broomstick making.

On their first day at school, Lissy and Luke quickly learn that not all kids at school are nice.Especially Adrien Fulford and his brothers Raven and Seth give their best to make the lives of others miserable. A big part of their family was accused of being a member of an evil magical society called the dark army several times and already spent a few years at prison for torturing other wizards for pleasure.

The Dark Army is lead by a particular dark wizard called Master Odon. Not many people know how Master Odon looks like but everyone knows his name. He has been pulling the strings behind the weelings and dealings of the dark army for years. In recent years the movement has gained tractio and has since be affecting the live of ordinary magical people like you and me substantially.