My enthusiasm for machine learning arose from my fascination for the human brain. I have been fascinated by the complexity of the human brain for most of my life. Consequently, I decided to study cognitive science in Osnabrück, Germany. After attending a machine learning class in my fourth semester I discovered my true passion: The study and delevopment of algorithms that can learn on their own, developing a sense of intelligence.

From that point on, all my efforts have been directed towards learning as much about machine learning as possible. I continued my studies with a graduate computer science program at Bonn, Germany and started a job as a research assistant in machine learning in my second semester of the graduate program. After my graduation I completed a deep learning internship at Bosch (Palo Alto, California, USA) and the AI Residency Program at Microsoft Research Cambridge (UK). Since early 2020 I have been working as a full-time Machine Learning Engineer at inovex in Germany.

I am still amazed by the functioning of machine and deep learning techniques and how much they have made possible in the last years (including self-driving cars, computer assisted technology, speech recognition, etc.). I’m curious what new findings and applications the next years will bring and I am super excited to be a part of this.