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Day 49 to 50 - Config files

2 minute read


Topics: Using config files

What are config files

As a last topic I would like to take a look at the usage of config files. First of all we have to establish what a config file is. The Wikipedia definition definition is precise and easy to understand: configuration files (or config files) are files used to configure the parameters and initial settings for some computer programs.

Day 37 - Extending the Magical Universe

less than 1 minute read


Topics: Extending the Magical Universe with classmethods for Charm, Hex, Curse, etc.

Today I added classmethods to the different Spell subclasses. Speficially, I added one classmethod for each spell type: Charm, Transfiguration, Jinx, Hex, Curse, CounterSpell, HealingSpell such that at least one charm, hex, jinx, … exists in our universe. Tomorrow I will write test code for the entire abstract base class Spell.

Day 2 - Types of class methods

4 minute read


Topics: class methods, instance methods, static methods, using class methods as alternative constructors

100 Days of code - Creating my personal Magical Universe

1 minute read


I have decided to take on a new habit using a technique I found on the ‘get discplined’ subreddit. The technique works as follows:

  • Take a piece of paper or card
  • Draw 6 vertical lines intersecting 6 horizontal lines. This creates a 7x7 grid of 49 squares
  • Choose a daily habit you want to work on and write it down on the back of the card
  • Also put down WHY you want to work on the habit
  • Start working on the habit TODAY!
  • Every day, put a big fat red X into the corresponding square