Machine learning can seem like magic - I love magic!

Hi! My name is Anna-Lena. Welcome to my personal website! I am currently working at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK, being one of the first participants in the Microsoft AI Residency Program.


2019-05-08: My first publication on Interpretable Bayesian Neural Networks for Healthcare is out! Code/Repo to follow. The paper can be found here.

2018-11-25: My machine learning basics project was presented on Python Bytes! Check out the episode here.

2018-11-16: I was invited to be a guest on Talk Python To Me, the biggest Python podcast! Check out the new episode here.

2018-09-17: I started my AI residency at the Microsoft Research Lab in Cambridge, UK!

2018-08-15: My magical universe project was mentioned on the Python Bytes podcast! Check out the episode here.

My interests

I am especially interested in
a) The application of machine learning algorithms in health care
b) Understanding how humans learn and how we can optimize human learning and productivity
c) The functioning of the human brain and how machine learning can be applied in cognitive science research

In my free time I enjoy kickboxing, improving my productivity, reading and meditating.

My path to machine learning

My enthusiasm for machine learning arose from my fascination for the human brain. I have been fascinated by the complexity of the human brain for most of my life. Consequently, I decided to study cognitive science in Osnabrück, Germany. After attending a machine learning class in my fourth semester I discovered my true passion: The study and delevopment of algorithms that can learn on their own, developing a sense of intelligence.

From that point on, all my efforts have been directed towards learning as much about machine learning as possible. I continued my studies with a graduate computer science program at Bonn, Germany and started a job as a research assistant in machine learning in my second semester of the graduate program. Since my graduation I have been working as a deep learning intern at Bosch, Palo Alto, California.

I am still amazed by the functioning of machine and deep learning techniques and how much they have made possible in the last years (including self-driving cars, computer assisted technology, speech recognition, etc.). I’m curious what new findings and applications the next years will bring and I am super excited to be a part of this.